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Salehoo's affiliate program offers 75% of the subscription fees they collect from unwary visitors. This is why you see so many people promoting Salehoo in blogs, with pay per click ads, and in their newsletters. These affiliates just want the money, and don't care about the truth.

Even is doubtful any of the people who are promoting Salehoo with affiliate links actually use Salehoo. They are just chasing affiliate commissions and don't care about your success. If they did use Salehoo to source products, they would be writing about their results not just parroting the hype on the Salehoo site.

Here at Salehoo Sucks we've read many of these biased affiliate promotions. We'd love to hear from actual Salehoo users, but all the comments we've gotten so far are from affiliates. If you are a happy Salehoo user, show us your auctions by posting in the comments section of this website.

But don't tell us Salehoo is the best thing since sliced bread because they pay a large affiliate fee. When you promote Salehoo, you are just taking advantage of people.

NEW: Salehoo Sues ... and loses

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