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Note: This page was originally on Terry Gibbs' IWantCollectibles website. It's been moved here because the owner of Terry's server doesn't believe in free speech. Review - Is Salehoo A Scam? - You Decide!

This is the third in a series of articles. In the first article I explained how Simon Slade had stolen my Auction Revolution website in order to promote his AuctionXfactor eBay ebook. In the Second, I did a Review of Simon Slades' AuctionXfactor eBay eBook. In this installment, I look at his to see if it's a good deal.

Salehoo is a wholesale directory site.

Here's a quote from the site -

"With SaleHoo, you can be sure that you will find only the best and most genuine Wholesalers and Distributors that will sell you original, brand new, products at the most unbelievable prices."

Sounds great, but is it the truth?

The Salehoo site claims they will help you find items cheaper for personal use or to sell on eBay. This would mean their advertised items should be more expensive on eBay. After all, if you want something for personal use, you only care about price. If you want to resell the items on eBay, your cost must be lower than the eBay prices.

So I checked out a few Salehoo deals by searching eBay for buy it now auctions. This doesn't mean people are paying that much for the items, but it gives a good idea of how much you can make by reselling these items from Salehoo on eBay.

Here's a few at random unbelievable deals from the sample pages. I checked these examples on February 02, 2006 by searching on eBay for similar new items sold. Today, there maybe be different examples on the Salehoo site, but you can easily copy and paste the names and model numbers of any item on the site into eBay's search feature to do your own checking.

Motorola V3 Silver $699.00 $254.00 $209.00 ($45.00)
Sony Ericsson V800 $789.00 $322.00 $289.00 ($33.00)
Ocean's Twelve DVD $19.95 $4.00 $4.00 $0.00
Sony Hi8 HandyCam $749.95 $229.90 $179.99 ($49.09)
Uniden 5.8 GHz Cordless Phone $289.95 $64.90 $80.00 $15.10
Aviator DVD $19.95 $4.00 $4.00 $0.00
Nissan Calsonic Nitro RC Car $399.00 $205.00 $130.00 ($65.00)
Clarion Marine CD Player $399.95 $158.90 $139.50 ($19.40)

* All eBay prices are Buy-It-Now prices with the exception of the RC which is an average of prices for completed items. I didn't find Buy It now auctions for the car so I used completed auctions. Ebay prices for sold items range between $106.66 and 200.00 with most selling in the 120-140 range. Your loss - 5.00 to 99.00 before eBay fees.

But wait. It gets worse.

In order to get the "low" prices shown on the sample pages you must buy wholesale lots. For example, you can buy the Aviator DVD for $4.00 each, but you have to buy 25 to get that price and pay $16.00 shipping and handling. That's $4.64 each.

Now remember, these are only the examples shown on the sales pages of the website. This is the best he can find to use as examples? If I was selling something I would surely list a few items that were good deals rather than the ones he used.

Before you invest in any of these Too-Good-To-Be-True wholesale lists stop and think. Then do some quick checking to see if the deals are really unbelievable deals.

Terry Gibbs

NEW: Salehoo Sues ... and loses

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