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Salehoo Sues ... and loses

After years of this site siting here quietly let you know the truth about Salehoo, last summer Salehoo filed a lawsuit against John Doe - that's me! for defamation and trademark infringement.

NOTE: This site was set up with an anonymous domain registration because Salehoo has a history of threatening websiets with negative reviews and even links to negative reviews with lawsuits. (Oddly in their lawsuit, Salehoo claimed it was defamatory to tell people I'm anonymous because Salehoo threatens people who speak out about them with lawsuits. Damn, I did it again.)

The first step Salehoo took, other than finding a lawyer who would take the case even though it was a sure loser, was to try and force the domain registrar to reveal my name. They filed a motion with the federal court in Seattle, Washington requesting the court force to reveal my name.

The judge agreed to the request, and Godaddy informed me of the action. Godaddy also requested a time waiver to allow me to get a lawyer and fight the action.

I contacted The Public Citizen Litigation Group who agreed to defend my anonymous status for free. I had to reimburse them for court filing costs which ran about $200.

The lawyer Paul Levy immediately moved to squash the motion. Salehoo's lawyer responded by amending their suit. Then Levy wrote another response.

The whole matter revolved around me being anonymous and what level of proof Salehoo needed to provide before they could find out my name. Salehoo claimed just the use of their trademarked name within my domain name and their claim of defamation gave them enough to break through my anonymity.

My lawyer said case law allows the use of trademarked names within reviews, and the judge agreed.

The second part of the case involved the defamation claims.

Existing case law requires Salehoo to prove defamation with 4 factors: actual damages, malice, broad dissemination of my claims, and the falseness of my claims before they could find out my name. Obviously the broadly spoken part was fulfilled because this is a public website.

The other three requirements for a defamation suit- actual damages, malice, and falseness ended up deciding the matter when the judge sided with my lawyer's claims and quashed the motion to reveal my name. The judge didn't dismiss the suit as my lawyer had requested, but instead allowed Salehoo to prove these three things before he would force Godaddy to reveal my name.

A short time later Salehoo dropped the lawsuit rather than providing any evidence.

As a result of the lawsuit, I spent some time searching Salehoo on Google. It seems that while I was busy living my life, the scheming resentful bastards at Salehoo were busy constructing their own "Salehoo Review" sites and webpages. I think they were trying to push me down in the search results so people like you who want real honest reviews can't find this site.

While the boys at Salehoo were trying to push this website off Google, they also decided to muddy the waters a bit by posting additional lies. I found one website where Salehoo claims Terry Gibbs once worked for them and left after a disagreement. (Terry denies this and says his words here on this site accurately describe the events.)

Having failed to push this site off Google by creating their own review sites, they tried to sue me to take over the site.

That worked well for them. Actually it back fired because now SalehooSucks has a bunch of new links from authoritive legal sites discussing the case. They should have just started out being honest and ethical and they could have spent the last 5 years on more productive pursuits.

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