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Note: This page was originally on Terry Gibbs' IWantCollectibles website. It's been moved here because the owner of Terry's server doesn't believe in free speech.

Review of Simon Slade's Auction Xfactor eBook

If you came directly to this webpage you missed the introduction where I explained how I had caught Simon Slade copying from my Auction Revolution and found other people complaining about him ripping them off. You can read it at: One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others.

On this page, I am going to take a few sections of his sales letter, compare them to mine, and then open up both his AuctionXfactor book and my Auction Revolution and show you exactly how each piece relates to each book.

Note - since I wrote this I was able to get his credit card processor to force him to remove my materials. The images below are screen captures taken before he changed his site.

Here's a screenshot of

Here's a screenshot of the Auction Revolution:

He has made some changes, but you can see he is clearly copying from me.

Let's look at the line that is exactly the same in both letters: "Are You New To eBay and Want To Get Started The Right Way?"

In Auction XFactor, Simon has one page on registering with eBay, one page about bidding on eBay, and one page about running your first auction. While the Auction Revolution has 97 pages covering this same material.

How can Simon teach you how to get started on eBay in only three pages while I needed 33 times as many pages?

Easy, he just tells you the right way to get started is by using the eBay help menu: When you get stuck, click on either the help or community button on the right of the menu and you'll get all the help you need.

In fact, all through his book he tells you to use the eBay help menu. I really like this line from AuctionXFactor:

"You'll find listing your first item for sale is easy because eBay provides wizards... to help you through the complete process."

Let's move on. . .

Here's another example of my words on his website:

His page:

My page:

Here I am going to discuss only the circled words - How to find the right keywords and categories in seconds.

In the Auction Revolution there are eleven pages of information about researching keywords and category selection. Simon doesn't cover keywords in his book at all, but Auction Xfactor does have this to say about finding the right category: "Navigate to the appropriate category and sub-category and click continue."

After teaching you how to select the right category, Simon gives you the rest of the information you'll need to be a successful eBay PowerSeller with this elegant statement: "Keep selecting options and filling in the forms until you've listed your first item."

Great advice. There is a host of detail in that statement.

I could spend all day writing about the failings of Auction Xfactor. It's not worth my time or yours. Before I close this I will do one more comparison for your entertainment.

Look back up at the headlines again, and find these statements:

Are Poor Quality Photos Costing You Money?

Are Poor Photos Costing You Money In Your Auctions?

The Auction Xfactor ebook covers photos on page 27. Basically his photo instructions are a simple list of six pieces of advice:
  • Buy some lights or photograph outdoors
  • Use a background
  • Hold the camera steady or buy a tripod
  • Take more photos than you need and only use the good ones
  • Use an image editor to crop pictures.
  • Save the images as small jpeg files so they download faster.
Rather than tell you what the Auction Revolution says about using pictures, I have packaged the two chapters together into a free report called eBay Images Made Easy.

Go download that free report and see for yourself.

Well, I am bored with this. I am sure you got the idea already.

Terry Gibbs

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